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For Sale at a Sana'a Street Corner

In the last five days, I have seen the following items sold at inersections:

drinking water
cd's and tapes

These all make sense. After all, I've often sat in my car wishing I had some water or some tissues, a CD I haven't already heard a hundred times or something to write with. But I've also seen things that leave me scratching my head:

giant boxer shorts
cans of air freshener
Groucho masks
Mickey Mouse masks
those paper tubes that unroll when you blow on them

I've never sat in my car thinking, "Gee, if only I had a Mickey Mouse mask, I'd be a lot happier."

Addendum: I almost forgot the reason I wrote this entry in the first place! One man was selling camel whips! I did see a man on a bicycle whipping it as he rode (?) but I don't think my car would go faster if I used a camel whip on it!


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